Math Matters

These are books that are each based around math problems. So if you would like to involve with reading as well as arithmetic, this is the way to go. They are marked with a black label on the bottoms of their spines. Just ask the library personnel where they are located. They would be more than happy to assist you.

The 100-Pound Problem.

All Aboard!

Ask Mia.

Bad Luck Brad.

The Blast Off Kid.

Carrie Measures Up.

Chickens On the Move.

Clean-Sweep Campers.

A Collection for Kate.

Count on Pablo.

Deena's Lucky Penny.

Everybody Wins!

Fair is Fair!

Grandma's Button Box.

Henry Keeps Score.

It's About Time, Max!

Keep Your Distance!

Kitten Castle.

Lights Out .

The Long Wait.

Mac & Cheese, pleeeeze!

Math Fair Blues.

Play Date.

Sam's Sneaker Squares.


Stacks of Trouble.

Super Specs.

Tightwad Tod.

Too Tall Tina.

What's Next, Nina?

Where's Harley?

Where's That Bone?

Who's Got Spots?

X Marks the Spot!