Educational Horizons Foundation is a volunteer organization that supports the mission of the
Two Rivers School District. The Foundation has provided:

- Almost $250,000 in private donations collected for the new high school -
- More than $50,000 in grants for program enhancements since 1997 -
- Over $345,000 through 173 scholarships since 1995 -
- $1,500 in grants for visiting artists -

Board of Directors
Gary Schmidt
Joyce Beth
Randy Fredrikson
Pamela Kluczinki
Warren Otto
Ric Prucha
Barb Schweitzer
Travis Glandt

Honorary Directors
Ellen Charter (Deceased)
Judy Goldsmith
Lydia Clarke Heston
George Lester
Warren Otto
Reuben Plantico
Dennis W. Rocheleau
Attorney Steven Weld
Dr. S.L. Kaner
Dr. Frank Zlatnik
Hilary Rath (Deceased)

Foundation Page - News about the foundation, including archived copies of our newsletter (coming soon).

Scholarships - See profiles of our scholarship winners and a list of winners by year.

Fundraising - Your donations will help our schools. Our administrative costs are less than 1% of the funds raised! You can also learn how to name the foundation in your will so your gift can continue to support our students for many years to come (coming soon).

Support Program - See how we have improved the educational experience for our students through efforts such as visiting artist program and Fine Arts Awareness.

Alumni Page - Special information and links for graduates of Two Rivers High School and Washington High School (coming soon).

Mission Statement
The Educational Horizons Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization formed to receive, hold, and disburse funds. The Foundation and the district are separate, independent entities. The Board of Education of the district is elected by the citizens and is responsible for maintaining educational standards and for establishing policies and programs in keeping with the requirements of the law and desires of the community. The Foundation Board is responsible for raising, managing, and distributing Foundation funds to be used for supplemental programs.